Three Smart Ways to Streamline your Website Building Process


Starting and launching a website can be a very exciting, big deal for you.

With a flip of a switch (figuratively) you have a platform to publish your ideas and expertise. With it comes the ability to build an audience and maybe even make a few dollars in the process.

The only problem, for some, comes down to getting it live.

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Otterbox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5 First Look

Otterbox has reinvented the case again! Fresh to the scene with full waterproof protection as well as a host of other benefits comes the Armor Series from Otterbox. Come take a look as we dive into the Otterbox Armor Series case for the iPhone 5.

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Remote Access for Apple Devices


Some people love their Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones. They take them wherever they go and can barely function without them. However, Windows will always have a massive place in the business world; and that means the two titans of the operating system world need to get along especially in the context of business and the Bring Your Own Device movement. Instead of worrying about which one is better, we want our Macs and our Windows PCs to work together; no more so than when it comes to remote accessing other desktops.

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Top 10 Games of Steam Summer Sale 2013

Remember me?


For most of you who are fans of PC gaming, Steam Sales are like a once a month christmas where everything you wanted to buy just ‘magically’ goes on sale for just enough to warrant purchasing in fear of losing out on a great deal. While there is no shame in giving into your primal gamer urges, we figured it might be helpful to have some sort of direction for those who are not so sure what they should grab this time around. Thus, we made a Top 10 List of the best games on the Steam Summer Sale based on price and personal experience.

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Things You May Not Have Considered When Starting a Website


Starting a new website can be very confusing, especially if you have never created one before. By now, you will know what form of website you will be creating, from a blog all the way through to a brand new e-commerce site. You will have a design in mind and know how you are going to promote your site, but there are so many more considerations to be made. Here are some handy tips to take your website from planning stage into the virtual world.

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