Basic vs. Premium SSL Certificates – Which One’s Best?

Trying to make an informed choice about which SSL certificate to buy for an online business can be a bit of a daunting task if you have no idea about what the differences can be. When it comes to choosing to purchase premium SSL certificates or the standard alternatives, it can be a bewildering if you’re not educated in the basics.

With the help of a reputable Certificate Authority such as Symantec, you can gain all the information you need to help you make the right choice. SSL certificates are incredibly important for the function of an online business because, without them, you can run the risk of losing the trust of your customers. SSL certificates are essential for online security, by not only verifying who you are and proving the authenticity of your website to your customers, but also providing up to 256-bit encryption of sensitive data, such as bank details, consumer correspondence and personal information. Without this protection, any data sent over an insecure connection will be wide open for all to see and, if a malicious third party should get their hands on it, it would be a recipe for disaster.

So, which one do you choose? Do you opt for a standard SSL certificate or invest more money in the premium alternative? Ultimately, there is no difference in the actual standard of the encryption provided. Although everyone who wants a genuine SSL certificate has to apply through a Certificate Authority, the criteria for acceptance is a little more lax than the premium option – potentially meaning that unscrupulous applicants could slip through the cracks and install a SSL certificate onto their website for the purpose of malware. This is much less likely to happen with premium (extended validation) certificates, which require more rigorous criteria to be satisfied. This, combined with the green address bar and readily available details of ownership, make some businesses more inclined to invest – particularly high flyers who want to provide the greatest element of trust to their users. Weigh up the options yourself and take your pick from the various options.

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