Razer Edge Pro Tablet Review: All you need for a thrilling gaming experience


Gaming is not what it once used to be. There was a time when a console from Sony or Nintendo was big news. Today the field of gaming is more diverse and very competitive in nature.

Just about everyone from smartphones to tablets to laptops is vying for the consumer’s attention. In such competitive times Razer has managed to do something which has been considered inconceivable. Thanks to them we now have the Razer Edge in our hands which unbelievably combines the power of a gaming PC with the body of a tablet.

Claims have been doing round that this –the Razer Edge- is the coolest thing of the year 2013. The 10 inch Windows 8 tablet is a stand-alone product in the category where the handheld gaming console works well as a tablet that you can use for the daily dose of your media consumption. Game fans and inspired video game buffs of famous figures like Daigo Umehara, who is one of the most popular and skilled arcade fighting video game players will be definitely impressed with this one and the Razer Edge will be a treat for them.

The looks of the device are similar to the Razer’s earlier offering, its laptop. The rectangular shape box comes with a black matte metal back. The keys for the keyboard or locking the rotation have been provided on the top. Others like a full USB port, power button, head-phone jack and volume control are also present there. It also offers a dock for the TV. Whereas the gaming PCs are large and bulky, this one might sound sleek to gaming aficionados in comparison yet holding the 2.1 pound tablet for long is a task in itself. Hence it could be said that this is more of a lap gaming experience.

The Hardware is what makes Razer Edge worth every ordeal. The specifications such as 1.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, Nvidia GT 640 LE graphic card, 4GB RAM and 64 GB SSD are the ones that you might expect to find in a gaming laptop.
There is good news for gaming enthusiasts who can pump these specifications further up with the Razer Edge Pro version. This one gives you a faster 1.9-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, adds another 4 GB of RAM to that of the Razer Edge and a 2 GB graphics card. Both the units have been priced at $1,299 and at $1,449 respectively.

The Edge is touch screen friendly device. It supports games that make use of this particular feature.

The gamepad dock enhances the portability of your machine. The hands-on design is travel friendly and helps you to carry your game everywhere you choose to go. The thick handles on both sides offer a good grip.

The HDMI port helps you connect to a HDTV. Voila! You can use your game pad in your living room to yield a 1080 p video for a bigger console like gaming experience. The Edge comes with a pre-loaded Razer dashboard that works well with your Steam and Origin accounts. So much so that it also indicates what games are compatible with the gamepad dock and which aren’t, saving precious time and energy. The stereo speakers at the bottom are nice but for a full-on gaming experience a headset is highly recommended.

To sum it up, any other average Windows tablet pales in comparison to the Razer Edge thanks to its faster CPU, greater RAM and more on board storage. Then again the added advantage of the Nvidia graphics and touch screen feature.
In the wake of the portability that the device offers a few sacrifices to be made. The prominent among these are picture resolution and image quality. The battery though lasts for a good four hours plus but with the gamepad attached to it; it’s an entirely different story. All in all it is a niche product and an impressive one.

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