SaD Quickie: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Gearbox studios, creators of such great games as… Borderlands and…Brothers in Arms have done it again with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Aliens is a fast paced, first person shooter that takes place after the events of Aliens where somehow the spaceship that was on the other side of the galaxy just magically appears where people can reach it. You are a brave soldier ready to find out just what happened on this mysterious ship and the rest is history.

In reality, the only mystery is where all the money Sega had been using to fund this project go? After playing for about two hours we came to the conclusion that there was no way we could even begin to make a Let’s Play series out of this and decided that the best alternative we could find to use with the footage was make another SaD Quickie, showing off some of the more ‘special’ moments we had while playing through the game.

I will admit that while the game was poorly made and obviously under-funded, the game has some elements that would have worked out really well had someone actually cared. One of which was the ability to customize your loadout with upgrades which worked both online and off giving you a sense of progression as you pushed your way through the hordes of enemies. The game also had a bridge between itself and the movie, featuring some key moments that could have worked to their advantage had they invested some more time into them. Finally, having four player co-op was rather nice, not many games besides Halo tend to do this idea and it really works well…but of course, all of these ideas sadly were poorly executed and horribly underwhelming from the trailer.

I wouldn’t say that Aliens: Colonial Marines was all horrible, it had some good ideas and was a lot better than the recent Aliens VS Predator game,  but clearly Gearbox just wasn’t up to the challenge and while I apologize Sega for sending all that money to waste, Aliens: Colonial Marines just isn’t a game worth more than the box and disk it comes with.

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