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Walking Dead

So for those who don’t know, AMC: The Walking Dead – Survival Instinct was released a few days ago, and the first thing you might want to know is just how good is this game? I mean, AMC, the people who make the show were behind this so there can’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind that this could be anywhere near as bad as the trailers and rumors said it was going to be. Well, not to scare you with the Metacritic score but…

Yea, so let’s all agree this was a bad idea? Ok. Now that the harsh reality has set in let me explain. See one of the most important things about making a game is immersion, the part where you get so absorbed into the game that you forget you are playing and when you have to put it down you walk away feeling like whatever you are doing is no where near as fun as what the rest of the game has in store for you.

Me and Keith played about an hour of the game and as soon as we beat the first level, nothing felt better for us than to turn the thing off and put it back in the case where it belongs. The Walking Dead Survivor Instinct is terrible, and to no surprise either, I mean, when you get the team who made BloodRyane and Star Wars Kinect what were you expecting?

Ok, now I might be going in a bit too harsh here. I am not trying to say you are stupid for buying or liking this game, on the contrary, I think you are the exact person this game was made for. But you few who love this game are not the average consumer and certainly not a big enough group to keep this game from being a flop. Now you might have some points to prove as to why this game is good; all of which can be answered with a simple “you clearly haven’t played a good game before because everything you are telling me is a lie and I hate you”.

If you need proof about why this game is horrible, we were kind enough to do a quick one-shot of the game (as much as we can tolerate) and put it in video form so you can see just how bad this game really is. This might be especially good for those who are on the fence about buying this game.

See how fluid that game plays? How smooth and easy the combat was? How exciting and nail biting the levels were or how creative the level design was? If you said yes to any of these questions I implore you to re-watch the video but without your fanboy goggles. There is a lot I could say about this game, a whole lot, but me and Keith are going to give a much longer more in-depth review of the game once Keith finishes beating the horrid monster and tells me all the things I can already expect. Same level every design every time with different locations, new characters but the same Justin Bieber haircut looking zombies.

I am sure there are more elements to the game, some all stealth levels, more weapons and some more recognizable characters. Maybe if  this wasn’t all we had to go on until the game was released I’d be more surprised. If I saw anything that had to do with this game, as an investor; I would have pulled my money out so quick it would make a zombies head spin right off. (which would be a nice change of pace considering how repetitive the zombie killing animations are)

So, did anyone else feel they got an honest and well-made game out of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct or did the thought “maybe if I returned this game and said it was scratched I could get a refund” more realistic?

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