Review: BlackDiamond 3 Wireless Speaker

BlackDiamond 3 UseThe BlackDiamond 3 wireless Bluetooth speaker is a both visually and audible delight with a slew of features, balanced audio and of course, powerful bass. The BlackDiamond comes from Yantouch, who have previous experience making fancy color changing devices with their Jellyfish 2.

The BlackDiamond is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker / situational lights with about 16,000,000 different colors, and offers a variety of situations / diastolic pressure glory with a 2.1 speaker system. It also has a powerful bass resonant tube which really brings out the sound in a room of any size.

There are plenty of pro’s I could list, but I really want to make a mention of just how glad I am for the 2.1 speaker system. I have had a lot of wireless Bluetooth speakers and one of the common problems I run into is that they are all mono speakers that replicate stereo. This is a problem that can really affect certain music, particularly the ones I tend to listen to, like instrumental and classical. Having stereo is crucial in order to have the full experience and the added bass makes it even more immersive.

Another great feature is the color changing, you can set the speaker to either glow/change color to the beat of the music or just have it slowly sifting through colors as you relax and listen. It even has the option to lower the brightness setting if you want to use it as a nightlight for a child or listen to music while you sleep. The added wireless remote makes things a lot easier to control if you want to set the speaker on the other side of the room. The speaker works for any Bluetooth enabled device; iOS, Android, tablets, PC’s if it has Bluetooth it can be used with it, and for anything that doesn’t have Bluetooth the speaker also comes with an aux jack so you can use it on older devices as well.

Some of the downsides come in more obvious shapes; the speaker is pretty big, about 128 x 130 x 199 mm across the board, so it definitely isn’t pocket friendly. It also requires a power source, so making sure there is a place to plug the device into can sometimes become an annoyance, but it is USB powered so it can be plugged into a computer or a wall socket which makes up for its large size. The device also costs around $130 which can be pretty pricey when considering a lot of other devices that can do more than just change colors run around that price that can also charge your device while using it.

BlackDiamond 3 Remote

Overall, the BlackDiamond 3 is a great buy for those who enjoy the sound of a well-made wireless speaker and can relax while watching the mesmerizing color display. Although with such a high price tag it might not be so consumer friendly when considering other speakers of the same nature. I would recommend it solely for the great sound and ability to really fill a room no matter where it is but having to constantly provide power for the device limits where I can place it let alone take it.

You can find out more information about the BlackDiamond 3 from the Yantouch website, or purchase it on Amazon.

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