SaD Quickie: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Gearbox studios, creators of such great games as… Borderlands and…Brothers in Arms have done it again with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Aliens is a fast paced, first person shooter that takes place after the events of Aliens where somehow the spaceship that was on the other side of the galaxy just magically appears where people can reach it. You are a brave soldier ready to find out just what happened on this mysterious ship and the rest is history.

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SaD Quickie – AMC: The Walking Dead – Survival Instinct

Walking Dead

So for those who don’t know, AMC: The Walking Dead – Survival Instinct was released a few days ago, and the first thing you might want to know is just how good is this game? I mean, AMC, the people who make the show were behind this so there can’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind that this could be anywhere near as bad as the trailers and rumors said it was going to be. Well, not to scare you with the Metacritic score but…

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Verizon Windows Phone 8 Review: HTC 8x vs Nokia Lumia 822


Wow, where do I begin? I’ll start by saying; I have no previous experience with Windows Phone (current generation). Years ago when I was an avid gamer (mostly Counter-Strike and other first person shooters), I was an all Windows man. I loved Windows as a desktop OS. I loved Windows as a server. It was pre-iPhone days, but I sure did love my PDA (HP iPaq). I loved my Motorola MPx220 with Windows Smartphone 2003 as the OS.

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Little Inferno Review

Little Inferno Push

Little Inferno is a game where you burn things.  Then you burn more things, and when you’re out of things to burn you rush to your catalog to order more things to burn.  Are these packages being delivered? Who knows.  You want them and after a time they appear.  Increasingly extravagant items are put before you.  Some are beautiful, some are useful, some are powerful, and others are even alternate forms of entertainment.  In reality these could all be objects of desire, but in Little Inferno they are merely trinkets to be burned for further entertainment.

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Auti-Sim – Sensory Overload Simulator

Autism Simulator

Auti-Sim is pretty much the thing you think it says, it is an Autism Simulator. The game focuses on one of the common aspects of Autism and opens the player to an understanding of what it would be like to experience Sensory Overload. For those who don’t know, Sensory Overload occurs when one of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment. There are many environmental elements that impact an individual. Examples of these elements are urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, science and technology, and the explosive growth of information. However, the game focuses on sound.
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