Nvidia GTX 650ti Review, Great Performance for the Price


Ok it’s time to get this long overdue review out of the way. A while ago I had the fortune to get my hands on a new graphics card, yay! The card I was given was the new Nvidia GTX 650ti. To give you a bit of comparison I’d had a fantastic card before this one, however it was now showing its age and I’d managed to fry it. My prior cards were the GT9800 and GT9600, both somewhat comparable to each other but fast becoming out dated.

To start off I was told that my new card was an upgrade from those but comparable. A mid ranged get the job done on a budget card that would could and should go into your nice mid range Costco PC. So the first thing I did was put it into my a PC I’d bought used from my dad, and thanks to my tech savvy friend removed most of the extra things that I didn’t need for just gaming. Once it was installed and my drivers where updated I put on one of my favorite games to test the graphical capabilities. Skyrim ran ok on with my old cards. Most of the settings for anything that wasn’t character related such as background water and shadows were set to medium so I could enjoy my character on the high detail setting. With the 650ti however I was running my game on all high settings only because ultra would likely melt everything else in my PC.

After I gave the card a good warm up for several weeks on Skyrim I decided to give it some more challenge with a newer open world massive sandbox game in form of Far Cry 3. I knew right away that the card was a great step up from the 9800 when the game set itself to performance setting and all of the presets where as high in quality the slider would go. After a few game crashing frustrations and thinking I was about to fry another card I found out that it wasn’t my card crashing but the game itself having the issue no matter what platform you were playing it on.


In the end I’d recommend the GTX 650ti for anyone looking to upgrade their existing PC with a new card that isn’t a giant in terms of power size and cost. As I’ve already said it’s a great step up from the GT9800 and a perfect card to upgrade an older Costco desktop PC. If however you’d like a massive increase in graphics quality and the ability to play the newest hottest games on Ultra settings for years to come, I’d recommend building your own gaming PC.

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