Nvidia Announces Nvidia Grid, New Cloud-Based Gaming Hardware


Nvidia announced today the creation of Nvidia Grid which is Cloud-Based gaming hardware developed completely by Nvidia. This hardware will enable developers and companies to launch Cloud-Based gaming deployments in an easier manner than before. Companies like Onlive and Gaikai already use technology like this. The Nvidia Grid system is their first ‘fully integrated system product’  which is designed to stream video game graphics over the internet.

Jen-Hsun Huang of Nvidia said, will support up to 24 concurrent users, with up to 20 GRID servers per rack. Each rack, Huang said, will boast 240 Nvidia GPUs and process up to 200 teraflops, roughly the computing power of 700 Xbox 360 consoles, according to Nvidia. He did show a demo of the unit live and it performed well and similar to Gaikai and Onlive.


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