2012 – Our Favorite Moments (Let’s Play Recap)


 Join us as we relive the last year of let’s plays on TheSaDGames. Headphone users be warned: There are lots of volume spikes due to scary games and laughter.

Games in order of first appearance:

Left 4 Goldeneye (Left 4 Dead 2), Penumbra: Black Plague, Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, Just Cause 2 (some clips from multiplayer beta), Amy, Binary Domain, Harry Potter Kinect, Lone Survivor, 1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg, Survivors (Survivers), DC Universe Online, Judith, Warp, Slenderman (Green Meteor Team), Can Your Pet?, Nyan Cat Adventures, Cherry Poke Prison, Terraria, Deadly Premonition, Slender, Alchemy God, Princess Pony’s Happy Bounce, Super Mario Bros. U, Nation Red, Flirt, You Don’t Know Jack, Rocketgirl, So Many Girls So Little Time, Day Z (Arma 2), Island Adventure, McPixel, Bureau – Shattered Slipper, Temple of Dogolrak, Trailer Park King 2, My Chabuda, Cry of Fear, Anna, Dead or Alive 5, ZombiU, Lucky, Perfect Strangers – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now, Resident Evil 6

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Keith Ballard
I run a gaming channel on Youtube called TheSaDGames and occasionally write about games. I can be contacted on Twitter as @SebastianSB.