First Impression: Devil May Cry


I have never played a Devil May Cry game before, and while I had the opportunity to play the HD remake before starting the review I decided against it. DMC is supposed to be a reboot of the original franchise, and like with most reboots, the purpose is to get new blood into the fan base even if that means a few old ones might drop out, but the real question is how does the game hold up as a stand-alone game with no ties to the previously fleshed out DMC universe?

So far I have experienced around half of the game and in that time I have learned at least enough to give a pretty decent preview of what I have seen, experienced and what I expect to come. These viewpoints and opinions are from someone who has yet to experience the entire game, so without further to do; here is my first look at Devil May Cry.

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Nintendo Direct 1/23 Recap; HD Zelda and Wii U Updates

Mr. Iwata spoke to Nintendo Enthusiasts about a range of things from MiiVerse and Wii U System Updates to new Zelda titles in a Nintendo Direct video shared this morning.

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The Data Communications Bill Debate

Should we be concerned about the UK Government’s draft Communications Bill, or is it just a lot of hot air? Here we will look at some of the important issues involved. Firstly, what is this Bill? Essentially it is a proposed extension of existing powers of the authorities to be supplied on demand with information on anyone’s internet related communications history. It means that information on every email that is sent, each text message, all mobile phone communications, each social network communication, and every website visited must be retained, and must be searchable.

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Hard Drives: SSD vs HDD


You have the option to go for either Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) when buying computers, laptops, notebooks etc. or upgrading existing hardware. However, you may be confused which one to go for. Knowing the key differences between the two can help you in making the right decision.

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Nvidia Announces Project Shield, Android Based Gaming System


Nvidia has announced today their first gaming system based on Android and the Tegra 4 called Project Shield. The device is capable of running the Unreal Engine and has outputs to connect directly to your TV. Shield is also running the Android OS so you can enjoy everything about Android as well on either your TV or in your hands on the device. It also supports the new Nvidia Grid gaming and streaming movies and games from your PC or the internet.

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