Mega’s launch Event Hosted by Kim Dotcom at his New Zealand Mega Mansion Next Month


Kim Dotcom, creator of Megaupload does not like to do things on a small scale. Next month he is going to launch the service named Mega and plans on hosting a very large party on January 20, 2013 which is exactly 1 year after the MegaUpload take down. The party will be hosted at his all new mansion in New Zealand which Wired has a full write up on.

Kim Dotcom has promised us that he will return to the world bigger and better than ever. This launch party is basically a middle finger pointed in the direction of the US Justice Department and New Zealand’s special Police.

It is completely possible that Mega will be able to grow to the size that Megaupload once was which was stated at some points to consume 4% of the worlds internet traffic. Dotcom claims that the new services will be built on the previous version but powered by legality and protected by the law:

The new service launches next month January 20th and we will continue to see new teasers like the one below:

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  • yourmom


  • Doug Warburton

    Get with it … you are not “Sheep”, so stop following the words of ‘others’.
    >>> CHECK your FACTS !!!
    a) The “Mansion” is NOT his !!!
    b) It IS … leased/rented !!!
    c) It is NOT “NEW” !!!
    ….. I can’t cope with reading the rest … Mistakes upset me.

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