Accell DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Review

Accell DVI

I got my hands on the Accell B087B-007B adapter for review. This is my first review of a display adapter so it may not cover all the angles you may have been looking for.

At first when I took a look at this item I noticed that it was completely over sized and bulky. I was comparing the Accell adapter to the Mini DisplayPort to dvi adapter that came with my Macbook pro. The Accell version actually required that I plug in an extra USB cable for power while the adapter that came with my Mac did not. This puzzled me and when I called their support they could not tell me why this was necessary either.

The adapter does work as intended and supports:

·       Supports resolutions to 2560×1600@60Hz or 1920×1080@120Hz for 3D displays
·       Up to 10.8Gbps throughput over four lanes at a 330MHz total pixel clock rate

Another issue I ran into that may have been specific to my mac, when the display was asleep and then awoke from a sleep state, the monitor attached to the DVI adapter did not wake up unless I unplugged the adapter and plugged it back in.

The adapter does what it is supposed to and does indeed work. I believe the biggest feature is its support for 3D monitors at a relatively cheap price. Take a look at the features below and you decide.

Key Features

  • Convert to a Mini DisplayPort Connector Using the Enclosed Adapter
  • Up to 10.8Gbps Throughput Over 4 Lanes (330MHz total Pixel Clock Rate)
  • Supports DVI-D Dual-Link Resolutions to 2560×1600@60Hz or 1920×1080@120Hz for 3D Monitors
  • Supports DVI-D Dual-Link or DVI-D Single-Link Monitors
  • Engineered for a Fast and Easy Set-up, No Software to Install
  • Supports Single-Link DVI or Dual-Link DVI with a Built in Active Protocol Converter


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