The IFA Trade Show and the Development of Mobile TV Apps

The consumer electronics world has recently been reenergized with news from the IFA trade show, which took place in Berlin from 31 August to 5 September.  At this event, members of the consumer electronics industry met to discuss changes in the industry, to take a look at up-and-coming products, and to hear keynote addresses from leaders in the industry. The IFA focuses on taking stock of recent developments and planning for future success.
The IFA DisplaySearch Business Conference included a panel discussion focusing on the developments of mobile TV apps. This panel discussion – entitled “Is TV Becoming Another App?” – included the CEOs of Accedi and Flingo, the Head of the Smart TV sector of TP Vision, the President of MobiTV, and the director of European TV Research at DisplaySearch. This group focused on a major consumer entertainment trend: the use of tablets and smartphones to watch TV. The panel discussed this developing technology, and looked at how apps have enhanced the viewing experience so far, and what might happen in the future.
This is an important topic not only for the producers of this technology, but also for consumers. The way we watch TV is changing in accordance with our mobile lifestyles; we are now more likely to watch a TV show on the go. From harried students to travelling businessmen, the nuclear family is almost always on the move, and sitting around the living room TV catching the evening news together is becoming less common.
These changes alter the viewing experience, and issues that result from these changes include the types of shows that would work on smaller screens, and the development of app technology. Viewers always want top-of-the-line technology, demanding fast download times, crisp picture quality, and clear audio quality.
You may be wondering what apps are available to you right now for the purpose of watching TV on your mobile phone or tablet. The following list should get you started on your search for mobile TV entertainment:
Tablet TV: This Blackberry app allows you to watch TV shows on your Blackberry PlayBook. Tablet TV has access to internet TV globally, with over 300 channels available. This app makes it easy for you to access channels from the US, Canada, Europe, Turkey, and Australia – and you can take your TV shows with you wherever you go. The quality of entertainment options provided by the BlackBerry PlayBook has been enhanced; this BlackBerry PlayBook review provides more information about all the new options available to users.  In particular, the battery life, display quality, and the speakers of the BlackBerry PlayBook have been praised, including in this BlackBerry Playbook review, which means that you will be able to ensure the best viewing experience possible when watching your favorite tv shows while you’re out and about.
NBC Olympics Apps: Another trend is apps which ‘pop-up’ to accommodate viewership of a specific event, from the Olympic Games to the World Cup. For instance, NBC released an Olympics-on-the-go app for mobile phones and tablets. This app provided access to live action, updates, news, results, photos, and videos. Keep your eyes open the next time a big event occurs for another app that can bring you all the best features of the event.

Crackle Movies & TV is an app that allows you to watch full-length movies and TV shows. With 11 million users, this app has access to many of the latest TV shows., run by CBS Interactive, Inc., allows you to stream the latest TV on your phone from networks like CBS, the CW, CNET, ET, and Showtime, as well as news networks.
These four apps are a great start to your mobile TV experience, and allow you to watch your favorite TV shows – and discover interesting new ones from countries all over the world – wherever you go.  With millions of people across the world using mobile TV apps on their mobile phones and tablets, this IFA panel discussion – “Is TV Becoming Another App?” – seems very timely indeed.

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