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The Jack and Norm

There are times when we need to have access to our iPhone’s but are unable to hold them due to other circumstances. Insanely Great Products understands this need and has made two great products to help the average iPhone user out.

The first is the ‘The Jack’ which is a stand that you can place on your tabletop area without the worry of the phone slipping of falling. It comes in multiple colors and uses a suction cup to hold the iPhone in place giving you the freedom to type from it or simply use it to see if you got a new message. The stand can also be used on your shoulder in case you need to use your hands for something else while talking on the phone. It weights little to nothing and the suction cup can hold more than just an iPhone (though it is not made for that so it isn’t recommended)

The Jack

The nice part about the Jack is that is it small and compact, perfect for fitting almost anywhere on your desk or anywhere else you might need it, I personally use it on my nightstand for when I am letting it charge. It comes in a variety of colors so it can match your personality, or your eyes, or whatever you want it too really. The suction cup is fairly strong and does a great job at holding onto the iPhone, sometimes almost too well. It has a non-slip grip at the base of the Jack which keeps it from moving, in the event my lovely girlfriend decides to bump the nightstand as she attempts to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which happens more often than you’d imagine. Finally, it is handy to be able to type while it is on the stand, which comes in handy when it is nine in the morning and someone is asking you how to get from the house to the freeway.

The Jack Being Used

I don’t think that looks like an iPhone…

On the downside, the Jack isn’t for all devices, although I did manage to get it to work with a few phones which ended up looking really silly in the end. You cannot angle the neck to any position which can be a bother when the iPhone is slightly pivoted upward making it hard to use as just a typical iPhone holder. Lastly, it doesn’t work with most cases since it needs a smooth surface to suction onto, which for myself is fine since I don’t tend to use a case all that much, but it was a problem when I wanted to test it with other iPhone’s and had to take the cases off of them.

Overall The Jack is a great product and while it does have some minor problems, the product does a great job doing what it was intended to do. I still use it myself and will continue to use it. I have also considered getting the Willy which can hold two devices. If you are in the need for a great affordable iPhone stand, the $10 price tag is well worth it. You can order the Jack here.

The next product was The Norm which is an iPhone holder for your vehicle which as most of us have experienced before, being in the car can sometimes be a hassle when trying to look down at our phones or try and find a cup holder to put them into so we can hear the maps being recited to us or try and play music on Pandora. This is where Norm comes in; it can hold your phone while also providing easy access and clear visibility so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

The Norm


What makes the Norm worth purchasing is how easy it is to both use and install. It is simply fine-cut metal that you place your iPhone into and clip onto your car’s air conditioner, simple enough right? Another nice part is how firmly the iPhone fits, at first I was scared that it might fall out when I hit a bump or when I tried to use it while inside the Norm but I had no problems and in fact It sometimes I have to put effort into getting my iPhone out of it. After saying that, the Norm is by no means made cheaply. It is made of really solid material and isn’t going to bend or snap all that easily or get worn down by constant use. Lastly, it is yet another affordable product amid the constant expensive world of owning an iPhone.

The Norm In Action

As you can see, I can’t really use my radio anymore.

However, the Norm does come with some downsides; while I understand that the case is cut to fit the iPhone perfectly, the phone itself is rather large, and for my car at least this became a problem because the only two air vents I had free causing the phone to block me from using the radio. This is a minor point because it all depends on the car you have but it is something to think about before purchasing. The next part is the clip it uses to hold onto the air vent, it is just a basic paperclip, nothing fancy or at the very least reassuring. I haven’t had any problems with it yet; I sometimes get nervous when I think about a clip I can buy at Staples for a dollar holding my four-hundred dollar device. Lastly, like the Jack, the Norm can’t be used with cases, which in this situation seems understandable being that I want more of functionality and stability than convince and ascetics.

Ultimately, if you are in need of a way to hold your iPhone in your car, you have two options; the Norm or Clip & Go which is just a sideways version of the Norm. I have gotten into the motion of getting into my car and putting my phone into the Norm pretty easily and I find myself using my phone safer while on the road because of it (it is even within perfect reach to use the voice-to-text option). At $35, the Norm is a pretty handy accessory to have for those who are constantly in their vehicles or always seem to get text messages as soon as they start driving. You can order the Norm here.

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