Let’s Play Left 4 Dead 2 – Deathcraft 2 Mod Pt.2

lets play deathcraft

Keith and Andrew dust off their copies of Left 4 Dead 2 and install the sequel to a unique Left 4 Dead mod; Deathcraft. Deathcraft brings the style and feel of Minecraft into the Left 4 Dead universe and what’s more, it works with multiplayer! If you want to check out Deathcraft 2, head on over to L4DMaps and download it!

We wind up finding ourselves heading to a portal to the End where upon arrival we find that Herobrine has already slain the once mighty dragon, which is good considering we have a hard time killing a tank, a dragon might be way out of our league.

We head to the Nether and realize quickly that Minecraft Hell is not a fun place to hang out, thankfully we brought some weapons which doesn’t help when Andrew ends up dying from running ahead.

Finally the end of the game! However, waiting for a fishing boat isn’t as easy as it sounds. We end up being overrun and murdered countless times before we finally get a grip on the situation and Keith makes it out alive and well…because Andrew is incompetent and not good at playing co-op survival games.

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