Getting Rid of Cellphone Addiction

As per research, it’s found that sixty six percent of people are sleeping next to their smartphones and twenty percent will go without shoes to their office but won’t release their cellphones for some time. Recently Smartphones have become more popular and people are getting obsessed with them very much. With introduction of Smartphones including Android phones, iPhones and Blackberry’s there has been a drastic increase in use of mobile phones that have changed the way people communicate and do business. Here are some important tips to avoid addiction to cellphones and for sensible usage.

Using Prepaid phones:

One of the simplest way to avoid overusing and addiction to cellphones is using prepaid cards in your phone. By doing so, you will limit the amount of time you spend for talking over phone. You will be cautious that when account runs out of money, you won’t be able to make any calls. So, you will be using the phone only when it is necessary for making important calls.

Leaving it at home:

Especially college and school students are getting more obsessed with smart phones and spend most of the time surfing, gaming or chatting with friends in social networks through their smart phones. So, the best avoid to get rid of the addiction is to leave their phones at home when leaving for school or college. They won’t need it at schools where their duty is to study and spend time with friends. Try going for movie without your cellphone. By avoiding it whenever not required, you can minimize the use of cell phones.

Delete Games and Unwanted Applications:

The bad thing about youngsters and college students is that they try to download all the free applications for their phone and install. From Angry Birds to all sorts of Gaming applications which are freely available in Android market, they install all applications which kill a lot of their valuable time. Only if you have such games installed, you will always tend to use your cellphone. Hence uninstall all unwanted apps and games. Install only the necessary and important applications that you will use frequently.

Track Your Usage:

Try to keep track of how many times you check messages and chat with friends in your smart phone. Try to restrict the usage of phone to certain time period in a day. For example, try to check mails and your Facebook only in evening after returning from college or office. You won’t get updates every 5 minutes, so avoid checking it frequently. You need not browse through your cell phone on 24×7 which will impact your productivity. Use it only when required and keep track of your data usage.

Turn off Notifications and Alerts:

You can turn off the ringer and alerts for mails and messages if you don’t really require it. Keep a separate ring tone for important calls from mom/dad/spouse/office so that you can identify it easily. For mails or messages from friends which are not very important you can turn of the alerts so that you won’t look at your cellphone frequently.

To become aware:

Above all the important thing is to be mentally prepared and be cautious of what you doing with your phone. Try to avoid unnecessary usage of your phone for chatting with friends or gaming. Consider what is of higher priority and use your phone only for that purpose. Understand the fact that cellphone radiations are harmful to your health and can impact the functioning of your brain. Excessive usage can only bring harm to your life and affect your health. So, use your cellphone in a sensible way and only for important communications.


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