XBOX Live Sparks Romance

Four teens from Iowa who reputedly ‘met’ on XBOX Live have absconded with one another. Corey Sunderman, who is 16 years old, and his friend Austin Boggs, who is 13,  are missing along with Jazlyn Visek, 15, and Skie Floyd, also 15. The boys had a small run-in with police on Friday night after they snuck out of Corey’s house to go skateboarding, and were brought home by police because they were out after curfew. Sunderman’s mom, Crystal, said that she took all of the shoes and put them in a bag in her room, expecting that the boys would not be able to run out again and skateboard without proper footwear. Instead of trying to sneak out again to go skateboarding, however, it appears that they got crazier ideas in their heads, grabbed some boots out of the garage, and were discovered to be missing on Saturday morning when Tony, Corey’s father, got up to go to work and found that his wife’s laptop and $400 from his paycheck were also mysteriously absent, along with a ’97 Jeep that had been parked outside the family’s home.

Sheriff Randall Forsyth of Benton County reports that the boys were seen when making a phone call at a local shop that morning. When they requested to make the call, the proprietor let them, but only on the condition that they use speakerphone; the conversation could not be kept private. It was reportedly along the lines of “Don’t pick us up at home, pick us up at the Quick Stop.” At 11:30 one of the girls told their mothers that they were going to go for a walk in a nearby cemetery, and they were heard from again at about 3:00pm to tell their mom that they were on their way home, and have not been heard from since. They have also not been communicating with anyone else in a way that police could trace.

While we can certainly hope that wherever the kids are, they are safe, and having fun, rather than experiencing a fun joyride going awry, it just goes to show that gamers will go to extraordinary lengths for love.


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