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CDW is a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, government and education. If you have spent any time in the IT field you may understand or be at the beginning of understanding how important data storage management it. With the sheer amount of data that we handle day to day from mobile platforms to desktop it needs to protected. CDW offers assistance with these aspects of Storage Management and Virtualization for both beginners and veterans in the field. CDW offers assistance by providing consultation and suggestions to help build a scalable solution with the following pieces:

Storage Area Networks (SANs)

SANs are storage architecture that provide a high‑speed redundant path to a pool of storage devices. These devices house data to maximize performance of servers and applications. SANs can be connected through a fiber or iSCSI interface.

Blade Servers

A blade server is the processing power of a traditional server, housed with other blade servers in a chassis that shares the power, cooling, connectivity, and management of each server.

Storage Management Software

Data storage management software provides central management of your data and data storage systems. Typical software will enable you to reduce the complexity of multiple data storage systems by automating data storage and availability across the network.

Archiving Software

Data archiving software automates the movement of data through various tiers of storage during the data’s life cycle. Archiving software can delete the file at the end of its retention period. Data archiving software also provides single‑instance storage of each file, freeing up disk space and processing power for backup and storage systems.

E‑Discovery Software

Using archiving software as a base, e‑discovery software employs advanced search features and systematic archiving inventories, enabling users to quickly search all files and e‑mails for a particular topic. Legally‑significant files can be flagged to ensure they are not altered or deleted in accordance with data retention policies.

Data Deduplication

Most data on corporate networks is static and redundant, meaning the same file is backed up multiple times on multiple devices. Data deduplication can provide significant cost savings by reducing both redundant data and the systems required to store the data. You will require less physical space within the data center, which can translate to heating, cooling, and power savings.

Data Storage Virtualization

Data storage virtualization takes multiple data storage systems and makes them appear as a single data storage system. This is commonly used in conjunction with SANs to provide a single “virtual” data storage device.

If you are in the market for assistance in building a storage management and virtualization environment CDW is a place to start looking. CDW has been in the IT business since 1984 and has served countless clients over the years. If you want to ask them questions about their services feel free to reach out and contact CDW. CDW is also offering for a limited time a free download of their Red Report which offers an exclusive and insider view into how you can manage your data.  

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