Resident Evil 6 Demo – Leon

Keith takes a look at the Leon campaign in the Resident Evil 6 demo.  The president is a zombie, there’s some lady following you around, and no one’s been sorting their paperwork.  You can tell it’s supposed to be a horror game because it’s super dark outside.  That’s how you do horror, right?

Tripping on stuff because the camera doesn’t show your feet is super fun, and of course I love going on detours to find a key.  There’s also nothing scarier than fighting zombies when you have an invincible juggernaut with infinite ammo by your side.  So tense!


Hang on, why are Leon and Helena setting off so many alarms in this building? Don’t they work here?  You’d think they would know not to set off so many loud noises during a zombie outbreak, especially since Leon has been through at least two of these games already.  Walking through a metal detector, really?  Forget it, they deserve to die.

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