Let’s Play Black Mesa Source: Part 2

Black Mesa Source

Welcome back! This time on Black Mesa Source we toss boxes into water, yell at fellow employees and of course, kill more zombie headcrabs and whatever those alien things are called. Be sure to watch all the videos or else you might miss out!

After surviving what was to be believed as the worse of the worse Andrew continues onward only to run into yet another annoying employee who this times decides to laugh at the death of a good friend and cowardly sits in the guard room watching movies!

On the way downward headcrabs decide to attack Andrew on the lift, but quick thinking and a crowbar save the day. Afterward Andrew discovers that boxes have the ability to explode when exposed to water. In Black Mesa at least.

All is not right in this place, Andrew guides a fellow employee through a lounge where it appears some trickery is afoot. A few dead headcrabs, aliens and half-dead security guard later Andrew discovers what appears to be the most disgusting and creepiest room in the entire facility.

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Andrew Wilson
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