Technology in the News 9-27-12, iPhone 5 Review, and Android Remote Wipe Flaw

Here is a recap of technology news we thought worthy to read this day. First up is a very good review of the iPhone 5 by Joshua Topolsky of The Verge. Followed by a flaw not unique to Samsung devices, but a flaw in Android that can cause your device to succumb to a remote wipe. O2 announces that the next HTC phone will be shipped without wall chargers to appear more green. And finally Google Maps will work with street view on iOS 6 Safari via the browser.

iPhone 5 Review by The Verge

Redmond Pie puts together a guide on how to find out if your Android device is susceptible to a remote wipe.

Remote Wipe Flaw Not Limited To Samsung Devices, Here’s How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Affected

Ubergizmo puts together a nice article about O2 not shipping phones with wall chargers.

O2′s next HTC phone will not be shipped with wall chargers as a means to go green

Google is working on a new Street View app for the iPhone viewable from Safari to ship in a few weeks.

Google Maps Street View will be available via Mobile Safari in two weeks



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