You can be a creator with the Galaxy Note 10.1 [Sponsored Video]

We have written a few articles about the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Samsung. The newest promotional video of the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Samsung focuses on creativity.

The video starts of depicting Bath, England in 1815 with an artist writing her first novel. They show how you can write directly on the tablet with the stylus and it looks the same as writing on paper.

The video then jumps ahead to Madrid, Spain in 1901 where an artist is creating his next masterpiece using the Galaxy Note. An artist draws a beautiful drawing using just the Galaxy Note and nothing else. Then showing off the swype functionality he adds in a piece of blue paper in which he combines it with his drawing.

Now off to North Carolina, in the US 1903 where the revolution of flight started. The user opens up some graph paper and starts to draw out formulas and the Galaxy Note recognizes what has been drawn and converts them from handwriting to text. He then opens up a video which is then moved to the corner of the Note and keeps playing smoothly while he is drawing. This is a very cool feature.

The video then moves onto Mount Everest, Nepal in 1953 where the Galaxy Note conquers the tallest peak. The users begins mapping out their journey up the mountain using the stylus and a picture of the mountain. The user also kept a diary and timeline of his climbing up the mountain.

Now onto Milan, Italy 1487, it is night time and the user is researching the night sky using the Galaxy Note.

The video shows many creations that were made without the use of a pen. Check out the video below for more information. Sponsored by Samsung.


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