iPhone 5 Recap: Need to Know Features

On Wednesday, Apple took the lid of a plethora of devices that’s sure to shake up the market this year and the even into the next. The devices announced were, of course, the iPhone 5, new iterations to the iPod Nano and iPod touch and some much needed improvements to iTunes. If you missed the event and need some catching up on what the iPhone 5 has to offer, we got it all right here!

The iPhone 5

This has to be Cupertino’s worst kept secret of all time. Many of the leaks that surrounded the iPhone were dead on. When Apple first showcased the iPhone 5, it emerged from the ground in a very cool fashion. As it came out of the ground, the first noticeable thing was that it indeed had a uni-body made entirely of glass and aluminum which is the reason for the iPhone 5’s two shade tone; not something I personally like.

Specs on the iPhone 5

Moving into some specs, the iPhone 5 measures in at 7.6 mm which is 18% thinner than the previous iPhone. Apple went as far to say that it is “the world’s thinnest smartphone” but there is no truth to that. As usual, Apple is just on their marketing game. Continuing with the outside specs, the phone is also 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S weighing in at 112 grams. It’s cool how Apple is able to make their products smaller, lighter yet more powerful. And speaking of power…

A6 Processor on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 uses Apple’s latest processing chip set. Apple has dubbed this one as the A6. Apple claims that this A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 processor found in the iPhone 4S. Apple made no mention on how many cores were actually in the A6. Apple attempted to woe the crowed with a demo from EA Games. However, while it did add some great element to the game, their was no demanding improvement over the iPhone 4S.

4 Inch Screen on the iPhone 5

Next up, and probably the biggest spec change is the iPhone 5’s screen. Instead of the 3.5 that Apple relentlessly used since the conception of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 now has a 4 inch screen and now has a 1136 x 640 resolution screen that finally supports 16:9 aspect ration. It’s important to note that Apple only increased the screen size vertically. Apple said they chose this design because “of your hand. It should fit there. That’s how we designed the iPhone 5.” which sounds like a load of crap when compared to their previous stance on larger screens.

Software wise, the new 4 inch screen will be able to hold an extra row of icons. Doesn’t that make you so happy? To be able to hold another row of app icons on your home screen which you cannot use for anything except making folders and apps? It makes me ecstatic! For app developers that do not update themselves to the new screen size, the app will simply be centered in the screen and you will have dead space around the borders similar to how it was on the iPad for apps taken not from the iPad market. Ohh, and Phil also pointed out that “Now you see a full five day workweek.” Though, I’m not sure what you guys were able to see before.

Now lets get into the inner workings of the screen. Reports held true and Apple went ahead and used the in-cell touch panels we heard so much about. As a result the digitizer and the glass are actually one and the same. This allows for a flatter profile. However, even slight cracks in the screen will render the screen useless as I have discovered with my Nexus 7. The iPhone 4 and 4S were extremely prone for cracks. Let’s hope the same isn’t true about the iPhone 5.

LTE on the iPhone 5

For some strange reason, up until now Apple has been against their iPhone have LTE. Well, no longer will LTE be a monopoly held by the Android nation. Apple is partnering with a multitude of carriers worldwide in order to provide them with an LTE iPhone 5. In the US, the iPhone 5 will support Verizon’s, AT&T’s and Sprint’s LTE networks were available. Definitely a welcomed edition for the iPhone 5.

Battery on the iPhone 5

Unless you have the Droid Razr Max, LTE is well known to be a battery sucker. So how will Apple combat that? Easy: the same way Motorola did, and they did that by having a bigger battery with chip optimization. Apple claims that they have “not only matched it” but instead, “exceeded that of the iPhone 4S.”

Camera improvements on the iPhone 5

Apple has remained untouched in picture quality per mega pixel for some time now. Their latest improvements will surly help them maintain their distance. However, in some areas Apple is still behind. Their camera, now called iSight features an 8 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, an hybrid IR filter and a f/2.4 aperture. Apple has also manged to decrease the shutter speed by as much as 40%.

A few other notable additions are Apple’s panorama mode, which allows for shots of up to 28 megapixels.

Lightning on the iPhone 5

Yeah! Apple changed their connector and has named it Lightning. Their new 8 signal design stirred a lot of possible problems for those old iDevice accessories. In order to keep the masses calm, Apple will be selling (read: not included with iPhone 5) a converter.


There’s no doubt that Apple has some cool stuff going on. Reports have suggested that this next iPhone will continue the trend of outselling all of the previous iPhones combined. While I am a bit skeptical of the claim, I do expect this phone to do well but not marginally better than the iPhone 4s. However, I expect an increase in over all iOS market share with the new reduce prices of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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