Let’s Play Minecraft Mod: Minez Part 1

Minez lets play

Andrew decided to venture out on his own and enter the world of Minez, a Minecraft Server Mod where you spawn with only water, bandages, a sword and a communicator and the rest is up to you to survive. In this collection we find out how hard an all zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft can be when you can’t just dig a hole and hide in it.

In this video Andrew wanders around for a while trying to find some zombies to kill while wondering which is a better franchise, Star Wars or Star Trek. Many points are made and ultimately a conclusion is come to, find out what that is at the end of the video!

Continuing with the nerdy talk, Andrew discusses Anime that he is watching and pondering on if he should continue discussing the topic while playing Minecraft since the two are completely unrelated. Andrew also kills zombies, but that was to be expected right?

Andrew gets attacked by a fellow survivor and comes out victorious, as well as plenty of items richer, however upon leaving the murder spot Andrew kills some more zombies who all start to pour out objects from their bodies. Is this a good sign or a bad one? Who knows!

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