Let’s Play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Pt. 2

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

Once again Keith enters the world of Dark Souls for the new PC release; Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. Will Keith manage to survive the monstrous demons that lay before him? Who knows! Will these videos turn out better than our Xbox one’s now that Andrew isn’t on them to be grumpy and angry the whole time? Yes! Keith will guide you along his journey with helpful tips on how to beat Bosses, navigate through the Overworld and eventually beat the game!

 Part 3! Keith explains to us how much better he is as a gamer because he has learned the ways of being a Dark Souls Jedi and finds the beginning area to be nothing but a childish challenge in the wake of his awesome skills. As Keith makes his way through the Undead Burg he runs into the Black Knight, who upon a rather difficult fight, Keith comes out the victor! Finally Keith wraps it all up by fighting the Taurus Demon…will he survive? Watch and find out!

In this episode, Keith meets Solaire the awesome knight of the sun and gains a new ally. Keith also acquires a white soapstone…which I have no clue as to what it does or why…later fighting the Hellkite Dragon to obtain the awesomely large Claymore of death before wrapping things up with murdering a giant Boar aimed at killing Keith and all he stands for. Now watch the video for all the grand commentary that makes this entire post worth your time!

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