Let’s Play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Pt. 1

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

Once again Keith enters the world of Dark Souls for the new PC release; Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. Will Keith manage to survive the monstrous demons that lay before him? Who knows! Will these videos turn out better than our Xbox one’s now that Andrew isn’t on them to be grumpy and angry the whole time? Yes! Keith will guide you along his journey with helpful tips on how to beat Bosses, navigate through the Overworld and eventually beat the game!

 Welcome to the game! We start things off nice and slow with Keith reminding us that while at times he may not look it, he has beating Dark Souls before, so between Keith and Andrew, Keith is the resident expert on how to play/survive/win in the Dark Souls World! Keith also fights the Asylum Demon, how many tries will it take? Watch the video to find out! Overall this episode, and the series that follows, will turn out a lot better than our previous attempt on the Xbox, as well as being far more informative on how to beat bosses and eventually beat the game!

 Keith checks what is going on in the so far calm and quiet world before venturing off into danger! Keith also brings you closer to your worse nightmare…his character up-close trying to smile for the camera…something I hope we never have to see again. Keith heads into the castle, fighting through the skeletons that would like to stop him on his way to fight the next demon on top of the castle walls. So far so good, Keith hasn’t died once yet, let’s see if he can keep up that streak in this video!

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