Windows 8 mobile gaming at PAX 2012

Microsoft is here at PAX 2012 and is showing off Windows 8 gaming on tablets. Windows 8’s gaming is incorporated with Xbox Live. I stopped by their booth and they were showing off a couple of games that can run on the platform that showed how well it ran. The games are on the Xbox Live Marketplace and will be available for tablet gaming when Windows 8 tablets release.

I spent some time playing Hydro Hurricane Thunder which ran really well on the platform. I was actually able to connect an Xbox 360 controller directly to the tablet and it worked flawlessly and the same way that it would on the actual Xbox 360. On the Windows 8 platform you can actually connect to your Xbox Live account and keep track of your achievements while you are mobile and even invite friends to help you with your games if supported on that title.

The game looked great on the platform as you can see above. Microsoft expects to release these on tablets I believe some time next year.

Another game that I ventured into was a game that reminds me of Myst, Microsoft actually described it as a mix between Myst and Lost the game was called Adera.

Basically Adera is agame where you will solve puzzles which will help you figure out how to get out of the situation you are in. In a comparison with Myst, the game did not give me the same feeling Myst does but it does incorporate the mystery and problem solving involved.

Overall my experience was good, for those who want to do some mobile gaming that to me was the same as console gaming you are in for a treat with Windows 8 Gaming. Check out for more information on these and more titles.

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