The Cake is a Lie: No 3D Support for God of War III in Saga Collection

Fans of the God of War series were given a delightful gift on Tuesday in the form of a remastered collection of all of the God of War games, however they are quickly discovering that it is not quite as shiny and new as was once promised. On websites and on the packaging  for the God of War Saga, it clearly states “Remastered for HD, DUALSHOCK control, Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support, and 3D (3D supported only in God of War III and God of War: Origins Collection.) yet when attempting to play God of War III in stereoscopic 3D, no such setting can be found.

Enter confusion. In the God of War: Origins Collection, 3D is enabled easily enough by opening the options menu and then selecting the display options submenu. When loading God of War III, a quick inspection of the display options reveals an adjustment for the brightness, y axis, and x axis. No mention of 3D; enable or disable. Even more confusing is the fact that in the PlayStation Blog’s own entry, the portion addressing 3D support for God of War III is crossed out. In hours of scouring the internet and message boards, I could not find a viable explanation for this. I suppose I will just have to hope that Sony will eventually release a software update to provide access to the 3D support promised by the product’s description and pre-release fanfare.

I made a phone call to the kind, and very helpful, folks at SCEA when I had issues figuring out how to enable the 3D. The customer service representative to whom I spoke did his very best to look up any possible solution for my problem, even taking the time and trouble to go to his superior, who in turn asked HIS superior, to help me figure out this head-scratcher. After twenty-five minutes of collective creative thinking and problem-solving brainstorming, I completely understood when he finally had to give up and wish me luck. The best hypothesis we could come up with was that I should try enabling the 3D mode in both of the Origins titles before attempting to do so in God of War III, in case the settings were triggered like an easter egg in the later title. It seemed like a viable theory, since system and game updates were explored to no avail. Still, no 3D setting is visible anywhere in the God of War III menus as far as I can ascertain.

I, for one, am extremely disappointed in the folks at Santa Monica Studios and Sony for not clarifying this before release. The promised 3D support for God of War III was the main reason I decided to buy the God of War Saga collection. Without it, this product is little more than an amalgam of collections that are already superfluous in the market, and can be obtained separately  for much less than the advertised MSRP of $39.99 for the collection. In other news, the 3D features for the Ratchet and Clank collection are easily found and enabled. Just what I wanted when looking forward to a three-dimensional Grecian bloodbath… an adorable robot and, well, whatever-the-f@*k Ratchet is, jumping out of the screen at me. What a letdown.

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Serra Wallerius
Serra Wallerius is an avid gamer, technology enthusiast and professional photographer. She attended Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine to receive her Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a focus in photography and has a studio located in Battle Creek, MI.
  • Rick Fisher

    Very mad I bought this today, found this site after googling when no 3D option was found, even though it’s clearly stated on the box! returning it tomorrow. I thought GoW was a bit too good looking for the ps3 to handle rendering twice, but the fact that it’s on the box and everything really irks me.

  • Dennis

    Sony or Santa Monica should refund the money for false advertising

  • Tucker

    Hi, I am one of the consumer
    protection lawyers at Girard Gibbs LLP. We’re looking into the
    advertising of God of War Saga –that it was promoted as having a 3D version of
    God of War III but which is actually not 3D compatible. We understand
    some customers may be upset about this and we are interested in talking to
    anyone who has been affected. If you want to spend a couple of minutes
    letting us know your story, feel free to email (
    or call (866-981-4800).


  • alden

    I have a 3dtv but I actually can not see the 3d option for the origins too

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