SimCity Demo at PAX 2012, it is still amazing

SimCity also known to some as SimCity 5 was in the Nvidia booth here at PAX this year. This time you could actually play the game instead of watch someone else play. My first impressions was that it felt a little dumbed down from the original, however I pushed on.

They only have the game in Alpha at this point as it is going to release February 2013 so the game is missing some things. So I started to play and Maxis had the game in a demo mode which was set up to show you how the new game worked. One aspect in the old SimCity that was lacking was the feel that your sims actually had a voice and you knew what they wanted. This is fixed in this version of SimCity because occasionally a bubble may pop up above a sim and you can actually zoom in and hear what the complaint or compliment really is. Each addition you make to the game including zoning and placing tiles has a direct effect on your sims happiness level. So you will know right away if the buildings you are building are making your sims unhappy or happy.

As I played through the game I felt that the new menus and controls were pretty intuitive and I really didn’t have to ask many questions about how to use them.  In no time I had figured out how to make curved roads which go in any direction that I choose. I did also enjoy the level of detail experienced in the game with events such as fires, ambulances, etc.. You can actually see a fireman going into a houset to save someone and call out if the house is clear, now that is detail.

A new feature announced for SimCity is SimCity World which adds a whole new social aspect to the game. SimCity World allows you to turn the game into an online experience and compete and compare cities with your friends. It will allow you to compete to gro the fastest population, create the most jobs, and educate the most sims and whatever else is up Maxis sleeves. SimCity World also introduces a global market similar to what you would find in the world today. The game demo did not last that long but it was time well spent, check out the trailer for SimCity World below.

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  • ThanksButNoThanks

    Ugly pre-alpha review, barely said anything about the game. Others who tried the demo have done way better.

    No, I won’t click your ads.

  • Sanity

    There is not much that can be said when they will not allow photos or videos. This was not a review just my thoughts.

  • Dhiram

    I think they wanted to gauge the response to Simcity Social as to how many actually play such a game online. Social has been successful and the previews of Simcity 5 look very promising as well. Lets just hope it wont be a resource hog.

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