Let’s Play Left 4 Dead 2 – Deathcraft 2 Mod

lets play deathcraft

Keith and Andrew dust off their copies of Left 4 Dead 2 and install the sequel to a unique Left 4 Dead mod; Deathcraft. Deathcraft brings the style and feel of Minecraft into the Left 4 Dead universe and what’s more, it works with multiplayer! If you want to check out Deathcraft 2, head on over to L4DMaps and download it!

This is the first part of the campaign where we start on our way to escape from a deadly winter wonderland filled with hordes of zombies and the dead bodies of easily recognizable Minecraft Let’s Players from Youtube. We mourned their deaths and used them as motivation to push forward onto victory!

In the second part we begin our journey in the mines, where waiting for us is of course hordes of zombies, but also a tank…or a ghast…whichever you prefer to call it. Andrew also dies a bunch forcing Keith to run into the fray of zombies and boomer vomit to save him. How will they survive? Because there are more levels….so we kinda have to.

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