James Franco Stars in Samsung Note 10.1 Commercial [Sponsored Video]

James Franco loves his Galaxy Note from Samsung. Through out the commercial he demonstrates the features of the Galaxy Note in a more creative way.

In the beginning of the commercial he introduces himself while walking around using the Note. He talks about the movies he directed, where he has starred and books he read. He even comments about directing this very commercial which is below. He then moves onto drawing on the Galaxy Note when his colleague says she is no feeling very well while he takes a picture of the inside of her mouth and compares the picture to other pictures on medical sites online. He then sends those results to her doctor and tells her to get some rest.

He then moves onto recording Cody skateboarding on a ramp and then breaks his skateboard. He pauses the video and says “note to self, time to get Cody a new skateboard.”

Franco moves onto a pillow fight with the ladies which really has nothing do to with the note it is just good fun. He then moves onto a couple guys arguing about an equation on a chalk board which he then enters the equation into his Note and performs a search on the web for the solution. Now he summarizes the multitasking features of the Samsung Galaxy Note and the commercial ends.

This was a great commercial that really highlighted the features of the Galaxy Note by Samsung in some realistic situations which isnt really that common in device commercials these days. Go ahead and watch the video below for more information.

This article sponsored by Samsung.

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  • Atasi Mukherjee

    James has done it once again folks!! This Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note is going to totally rock!! Perhaps a hot back to school item ah ha!!! The commercial itself is a viable success it certainly stands out from all the other tech commercials out there! The direcion from James is incogitable and cue the Bengal Tiger rock on James!!James has done both dramatic and comedic work in projects and has appeared in an eclectic range of films. He also holds multiple degrees and is highly intelligent. Franco has a way with the various roles he engages in whatever it may be folks he sure is great at his roles and takes each project very seriously and plays them out like a perfectionist lol!! James Franco being “one of the best actors of his generation” an avid A-Lister who has a vision and carries out his craft in such fashion that other A-Listers fail to do which stands him out from the other successful actors in Hollywood. He’s one of the most talented directors an admirable man who has accomplished an indefinite amount of projects I see an Oscar headed toward his direction soon!!

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