Google Chromebox Series 3 by Samsung Review

Samsung’s newest foray into dedicated Chrome OS hardware came in and tiny sleek black and aluminum box.  The Samsung Chromebox Series 3 is here.  This tiny powerhouse contains at  1.9GHz dual-core Intel Celeron B840 (Sandy Bridge) CPU with 4GB RAM and 16 GB SSD harddrive.

As internet connectivity goes your options include a Gigabit ethernet port and built-in dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n.  The Chromebox comes with an impressive 6 USB ports to accommodate almost everything you could possibly need. I had no trouble with peripherals. All of the ones we tested connected and worked.  Also included are Bluetooth 3.0 radios that will allow you to use wireless keyboards and mice out of the box.  Also included are 2 DisplayPort++ Output ( HDMI, DVI, VGA) and DVI-I single link output.

As a cloud based device there is no optical drive. Unlike the Series 5 550 this device is geared more towards enterprise customers. For an extra $150 you receive “Management and Support” and  access to a web management console “deploy and control a fleet of devices and users”. According to the information available you will be able to create User user groups, preinstall and block apps, setup and configure network and proxy settings, and customize a whole host of features. Google is definitely playing to the enterprise customer with this device.

Over all the Chromebox was a quite pleasant experience. I was up an online within 10 seconds and I was able to complete the tasks needed to be completed in my day-to-day functions.  This is a great value device for not only enterprise and small business consumers and also people who are searching for dedicated Chrome OS hardware.

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