CruxSKUNK from CruxCase on Kickstarter

CruxCase has started a Kickstarter project for their new case called thje CruxSKUNK which is described as turning your iPad into a laptop. The Kickstarter project already has $9,000 pledged of the $90,000 goal and has 46 days to go as of this writing. here is their full writeup:

This isn’t our first rodeo. At Crux we’ve been busy making keyboard cases for your iPad® for about 2 years now. Needless to say we’ve learned a lot about design, manufacturing, and getting a product to market. The CruxSKUNK™ is the culmination of everything we’ve learned. There is essentially no other keyboard case that can touch the fit, finish, attention to aesthetics, and detail that we’ve put into the CruxSKUNK™. We’ve done a lot of work in this space, in fact we have over 8 patents pending on all of the technology that comes in the CruxSKUNK™. We think you’re gonna love the result. We really hope you’ll join us in getting this product to market and into your hands!

The case does look pretty sweet and maintains the sleek look and simplicity that Apple put into the iPad.

The CruxSKUNK™ maintains the simplicity of the iPad® while staying true to Apple’s® design aesthetic. It perfectly compliments the style of the iPad®. In fact, most of the people we’ve shown the CruxSKUNK™ to have mistaken it for a Macbook Pro®. We of course take this as a compliment since we want to give our users an experience that is seamless between the iPad® and the CruxSKUNK™.

The case is also rediculously thin at only 19 mm closed and the base being 6 mm while open. The case also has bluetooth connectivity and a full sized QWERTY keyboard. Check out the full details on the Kickstarter page and watch the video below.

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