Trident Kraken A.M.S. Bike Mount – Launch Kit Series Review

Team Trident has once again out did themselves in the technology to be comparable as “Q” in the James Bond series.  Whether you’re heading out on the trails with your mountain bike, stopping to take a few steady pics on a tripod mount, driving to the trails in your SUV and need a GPS windshield mount for your phones MapQuest, or just on the street with your “man bag” satchel listening to tunes with a wire organizer you can rely on the latest and greatest Adaptive Modular System from Trident’s Kraken series launch kit that has all these perfect attachment pieces.

A few other words to describe the meaning of A.M.S. besides Adaptive Modular System would be awesome, amazing, aerial, manual, manly, marketable, mesmerizing and it’s spectacular, simple, sleek, and superb!

Enough of the bragging check out these pictures of the launch kit and what you can be capable in your daily adventures!  All of these products are truly useful and can be used in any situation you’re presented with.  These little tiny wonders of technology are small enough to all fit in your glove box or center console to be at hands reach and the best part is the cases come in a variety of colors to match your personality!

With the bike mount adapter being one of my favs I have to tell you that it’s very easy to screw on to your bike handlebars as it comes in two separate pieces.  You don’t need any tools but twist the screw into the other side of the holder where it will rest on your handlebars.  Once it’s on tight take off the kick stand on the back of your Kraken case and put that in a safe place so you can mount your phone on the bike.  Pinch the ends together of the mount phone-holder then snap into the back of the phone.  You’re good to roll now so plug in your favorite tunes and crank the volume up on speaker mode!  You can also answer incoming calls while riding down the rode on speaker, blue tooth, or via headphones and not worry about crashing your bike.  If you have a satchel on your back and you’re heading to work on your bike try using the seat belt clip and attach it to your satchel strap and use the headphone wire organizer to keep the cords out of your way while traveling into work.

With this bike mount adapter you can be sure Trident Kraken has you covered this Spring, Summer, and Fall and better yet, in the Winter on your snowmobile!

Take my word and get your Kraken A.M.S. launch kit where you can be reassured Trident has a protective solution for all you 007’s out there! for more tech solutions

Bike Mount and all other attachments mentioned $14.95 each.
Kraken a.m.s Launch Kit$124.70
Kraken Case $50.00 (Perseus Silicone various colors and Black Exoskeleton together)
Perseus Silicone Skin (various colors) sold seperately $14.95
Exoskeleton (Black Only) sold seperately $34.99


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