Kaikuuu01 Wireless Music Streaming Table

We have heard of tables and speakers but never thought of them being combined and definitely not this good. This table actually supports Apple airplay devices and will allow you to stream audio directly to it and it sounds pretty good. They call this table the Kaikuuu01.

The dimensions of the table are (W-D-H): 160 cm x 80 cm x 73 cm according to the designers there is a ‘special’ device under the glass surface that produces the sound. There is a wireless device integrated inside the table which allows for Apple AirPlay-compatible music streaming. The retail version of the table will also include an AM/FM radio tuner and a female mini plug for wired music listening. There is no price available for the table nor a place to buy it yet but that should be coming soon.

A table like this could be very useful to entertain guests or in a retail store such as the Apple Store. The theme of the table goes very well with what Apple’s theme is in their stores. I would like to have one of these tables, for more information on the table take a look at the creators site. Check out the video below and the photo gallery.

Update from Creator: 

The company is now able to produce the tables for 3900€ or around 4K USD a bit pricey but could be very useful in the retail space as mentioned before. The table is targeted both high-end residential (homes) and contract market (airport/hotel/company lounges).

Manufacturer Tech Specs:
The material of the structure is Canadian maple. Currently, the first table is fully functional and manufactured by our German cabinet makers in Berlin. The glass surface of the table rests on dampening cushions in order to isolate the vibration of the glass from the wooden structure. An audio exciter is pressed against the bottom of the glass surface in order to turn the glassin to a loudspeaker, a common technique used in showroom windows and sound art installations. The electronics, including the exciter, are boxed and hidden within the wooden structure, under the glass. The boxed space also functions as a soundboard to amplify the lower end of the frequency range.

The audio exciter is controlled by an Apple Airplay compatible device. The whole system is AC-powered and the power cord is ran through a table leg into the electronics box. The glass surface of the table’s sales version is rasterized with a silicate-like cushions. The cushions are acoustically transparent but prevent the vibration transferring to the objects laid on the table.

The audio quality of the table is very good, however it is mono and not hi-fi quality.

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