Nasa releases Video of Curiosity landing

If you did not know or were under a rock the last couple of days but Nasa has landed Curiosity on Mars. The Mars lander transmitted 297 thumbnail images to Nasa shortly after landing and they have put them together to make a stop motion video of landing. This video will give you a feel for what it was like to land in the Gale Crater on Mars.

Nasa hopes to receive much better resolution photos as the communication link between Mars and Earth improves. Currently the photos are coming in at 192×144 resolution but they should start to come in at 1600×1200 in the next few weeks. Here is what Nasa had to say.

“The image sequence received so far indicates Curiosity had, as expected, a very exciting ride to the surface,” said Mike Malin, an imaging scientist at San Diego’s Malin Space Systems. “But as dramatic as they are, there is real other-world importance to obtaining them. These images will help the mission scientists interpret the rover’s surroundings, the rover drivers in planning for future drives across the surface, as well as assist engineers in their design of forthcoming landing systems for Mars or other worlds.”


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