Smarter Stand for iPad Review

So I took a look at the Smarter Stand for iPad which is a Kickstarter project. The product claims to the improvement to the smart cover and smart case by Apple, “Smarter Stand.”

The Smarter Stand works with your existing Smart Cover and Smart Case from Apple and allows it to form different angles than without the Smarter Stand. The stand will allow you to view the iPad at a 33-degree angle and a 45-degree angle. But does it work?

I got a hold of the Smarter Stand for review, basically it is a few clips that attach to the case to prevent it from flexing in certain points. The product works as advertised and will allow you to sit your ipad in any angle that you like. The product is simple and works I am not sure if it is needed but it will definitely help when trying to avoid a glare when watching Netflix on my iPad. If you are looking for different angles to prop up your iPad and you have a smart case or smart cover get one of these.

The Smarter Stand will release this fall for $20. Get the stand that is simple and smart.

Please check out the KICKSTARTER page for more information.

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