Coolest Gadgets for Your Home

Innovative Gadgets for your Home

Homes are getting high tech these days, from all-in-one entertainment systems to lighting that you can manage from your mobile gadgets like tablet PCs. The remote-controlled houses you’ve only seen on TV shows and movies are slowly transforming into reality. You can now for example install a thermostat that knows your behavior and adjusts itself automatically to keep your home comfortable, energy-efficient and cool.You can also clean the house with a robotic vacuum that can be programmed and controlled remotely. But this is just the start of a new high-tech era. Here are some of the newest and hottest gadgets to help you move closer to a wired home;

Transparent TVs

If the wondrous allure of having a flat display mounted in your wall isn’t enough, perhaps the completely transparent Loewe Invisio is what you have been searching for. Especially designed by Michael Friebe, this transparent LCD display made its debut in the 2011 Design Competition. Without a frame or border of any kind, this screen is designed to seamlessly blend with your home when not in use. The Invisio is definitely meant for TV enthusiasts who want their homes to feature an air of sophistication and cutting edge design. Samsung has already released its “see-through” Smart Window TV technology that allows consumers to interact with apps, and create a set of virtual shades to dim daylight. According to experts, the Invisio concept will likely function in a similar fashion, just without the touch screen controls.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a home thermostat that understands your behavior and adjusts itself based on your preferences. Also known as the “iPod of all thermostats”, this one-of-a-kind gadget was actually designed by the same person who created the iPod. With a sleek, clean, and sophisticated design, the Nest thermostat is something that will “wow” your guests at home. This thermostat was designed to cut energy costs by learning your pattern and then adjusting itself accordingly. With an iOS app installed on your Mac notebook, iPhone or iPad, you can remotely control this device through a Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily adjust the temperature while still on the train on your way home.


The iRobot Roomba is a vacuum cleaner featuring a wireless command center that enables homeowners to a control the device from anywhere in the house and schedule regular cleanings. Although the Roomba is a pretty costly cleaner, you will be amazed by the things it can do. With its touch screen remote control device, you can conveniently steer Roomba from anywhere in your house. This vacuum cleaner can handle just about any job; it features a three-stage process for cleaning carpets and hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. If the device is running low on battery, it automatically docks to its base to recharge in between cleanings. How cool can that get?

Logitech Master System

This video security system features remote viewing and a wide angle night vision capability. With all the electronic gadgets you have in your home, you would want to keep an eye on your things 24/7. Logitech’s Indoor Master System provides wide-angle night vision, and remote viewing options. Its motion-triggered recording features can also send notifications via SMS or email whenever movement is sensed. The app is also expandable, which makes it easy for you to add cameras all over your house.


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