1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg, More First Person Horror

1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg (The Unknown War) is a first person horror game set in the trenches of the German side of the First World War.  If you want to experience the following video in the same way that I did, meaning with only that knowledge, then hit play now and ignore the text below.

You can download 1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg here to try it yourself for FREE.

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I jumped into this game without knowing anything about it and paid the price. It scared the hell out of me.

In the light an thunder from grenades of the First World War, a young soldier negotiates the wet trenches. He is alone yet through the thick haze of mustard gas he sees the shadows move. Ammunition has almost run out and fatigue is distorting his perception. The soldier tries to find a friendly soul in the river of blood and mud. This is when the real threat appears. A pack of dinosaurs break through the frontline.

Grab what you can and head for the nearest ladder. The battlefield will bring you an escape from the prehistoric threat, but at what cost?

Experience the horror and senselessness of war. The enemy constantly hidden in the fog ready to pounce. Fatigue and shellshock distorting your movement and ability. The stress of uncertainty and adrenaline of chase followed by attack. Here, salvation is the blinding epileptic bombardment of the battlefield.

Yeah, all of that? I didn’t read it. I didn’t even know there were dinosaurs in this before I started.  I figured that my character was just some sort of creep when he picked up the human hand and completely failed to notice the instructional diagram on the German note.  I recommend giving 1916 a try for yourself for its effective atmosphere and crazy concept.

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