Apple releases new TV ads during Olympics

Apple has released some very strange TV ads during the 2012 London Olympics. Apple aired 3 different ads that all star a single actor whom portrays an Apple Genius Bar employee. This employee’s job is to explain how to use Apple products to seemingly uneducated customers. I am not sure what Apples intentions were when creating the videos but they did not come off well.

The first video portrays a man on a plane who needs quick help to finish making an iMovie video. He needs help making an Anniversary video for his wedding and needs it fast.

In the second video a man wakes up an Apple Genius at his home who needs help with his wife who is having a baby and needs photographs from iPhoto.

In the third video basically a man approaches the Apple Genius who thinks that he just bought a computer just like a Mac but finds out that it is not even close. The Apple genius basically explains to him in a not so subtle way that it is not a Mac and he was lied to.

Do you think these videos were in bad taste? What did you think about them, I would like to see your opinion. I felt that they could have been better and I am not sure why they were aired during the Olympics. The ads seem mislead and grossly inaccurate. I am not sure what Apple was thinking.

Via: TheVerge

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  • Robert Black

    not surprised.. iSheep need a genius to show them how to tie their shoes…

  • Rob Hammer

    jesus… good luck helping your mom use her W8 machine.