Slender: First Person Horror at its Simplest


In Slender you wake up in the woods at night alone and need to find eight pages that are scattered throughout the environment.  You have only a flashlight and are being stalked by a creature known as the Slenderman.  The game feeds on your paranoia and instincts by punishing you for looking directly at the monster.  Oh, and he has a nasty tendency of being right behind  you.  No biggie.  Fans of Amnesia and Penumbra should be pleased. Cue the creepy music.


 Keith makes an attempt to find all the pages while slowly avoiding the ever so creepy music that continues to get louder and creepier the more pages he picks up…

Andrew’s attempt lacked any coordination or thought but he does find a few pages here and there while trying to avoid the shadows following him…

You can download the game and try it yourself for free here.

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