iPhone 5 production has begun, says report

It looks like the iPhone 5 may have already started production according to reports coming out of Asia. The Taiwan-based manufacturer Pegatron has started production in one if its Shanghai based factories according to Digitimes.

Pegatron reports that notebook shipments will decrease as to make room for new orders of the next version of the iPhone:

“Pegatron is expected to see ODM shipments of notebooks decrease sequentially in third-quarter 2012, and orders for the new version iPhone are enough to make up for decreased revenues from the notebook segment, the sources indicated.”

The new iPhone 5 is anticipated to have a larger 4-inch screen, retina display, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, the new iPhone 5 may not get as many new specs as we were hoping for according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple who sites the “one size fits all” policy at Apple.

Even though Pegatron has reported production, Foxconn is expected to be the primary manufacturer of the iPhone 5 this year. The iPhone 5 is also slated to release mid September.

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