Mod Junkiez Controller Review

About a month ago I wrote an article about the controller modding company Mod Junkiez. They offer services ranging from changing out buttons to doing full paint jobs (vinyl + plastic technically). As impressed as I was with a quick glimpse and pictures, I really wanted to get my hands on one to test out, and the good folks at Mod Junkiez obliged.

The controller they sent me to review is a Halo themed controlled. It is based off the dark green body of the controller that came with the special edition Halo 3 Xbox 360. There is no custom decoration, but as you can see below, the AYXB buttons have been changed out for gray versions to match the theme, the D-pad has been switched over to the new version, and special grips have been added to the thumbsticks.

For comparison, I took a shot of the original unmodded controller, and the one sent to me by Mod Junkiez. It’s easy to see the differences in the two. My favorite I think is the new AYXB buttons which really match the color of the controller.

The D-Pad, being one of the new versions, can be rotated. This drops the black part down so that it can be used as an NES style control pad.

One thing I did like about the controller was that the red grip pads can come off and on relatively easily. I can transfer them to a new controller if I wish. But when they are on, there’s no slippage while I’m playing.

I can’t really review the primary offering of Mod Junkiez, which is their special vinyl with plastic overlay decoration method, because I this controller is just a stock body. The bits that were modded however, were all done very nicely. I can’t find any problems, and the controller doesn’t seem like it was taken apart and rebuilt. Here are a few more pictures from different angles.

Overall, I’d rank this a 5/5 for the mods that were done on it. You can check out their online store if you’d like to get your hands on one.

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