Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox

Halo 4 is coming, and just like it’s last two predecessors it’s going to have it’s own custom themed Xbox to match. Yesterday during Comic-Con, Microsoft unveiled the Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox. As shown above, the bundle includes the Xbox 360, two matching controllers, a wired headset, and Halo 4 itself.

The design is yet another way in which 343 is trying to move out of Bungie’s shadow. Bungie’s Halo 3 and Reach Limited Ed Xbox’s had subtle and muted themes, while this ‘box is almost garish. What do you all think of the design? Love it, hate it?

Microsoft has given the bundle an MSRP of $400, and as of writing this no vendor has discounted. You can pre-order now, but the you’ll have to wait until November 6th to get your hands on this console.

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