UbiSoft Releases Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer

UbiSoft finally pulled the curtains off, showcasing the latest installment of the renowned trilogy – Assassin’s Creed. The previews come just as it has been announced that Michael Fassbender will be playing the lead in the big-screen adaptation of the game. Critics have appreciated the award winning open world stealth, and its first two sequels are ranked 9 out of 10 on GameSpot. UbiSoft sold approximately 5 million copies of the first sequel and 9 million of the second. For Assassins Creed 3 the company has gone through a lot of hard work. They began working on the game right after the second part was released and gamers hope that the latest version will again blow all other action and strategy games out of the water. Creative designer, Alexander Hutchinson said regarding this, “It’s been very hard to get right, and I hope people see the hard work that went into it, but it’s also been very rewarding.”


The real effort went into making the new character come to life – making an assassin glowering is no easy job! Developers tried a lot of costumes and designs and released them to the gaming community in the form of teaser trailers. Alexander Hutchinson told Polygon, “We auditioned over one hundred actors for the role. We knew we wanted a new type of hero for the franchise, and we wanted to treat his heritage earnestly and seriously; and of course it needed to make sense in terms of the brand overall.”


Authenticity has always been one of the strengths of the game and the company put a lot of pressure on the voice of the main character; they auditioned a lot of people to find the perfect voice. The creative designer also said that they had long voice recording sessions because they wanted to integrate five or six actors into the game.  The art designer wanted the voice to go with the assassin’s history, half-English and half-Mohawk. The Verge reported that Noah Watts was chosen as the actor who has also starred in Sons of Anarchy. Hutchinson said, “He has a softer tone than previous assassins but he also shows that hard edge when we need it.”


The developers had to go through more difficulties when deciding which cities should be included. The major problem was that they had to work the maps with the gameplay. As reported by The Verge, developers introduced Philadelphia to the game but as with so many computer games, the real world environment didn’t play along and they “could not make the gridded streets work with the gameplay.” UbiSoft wanted to give the game a Native American hero and a villain that would work with the setting and environment of the game. The team spent time with Native American groups, to digitize the environment accurately.


Given the previous successes of the game, and the hard work gone in to making the new one, it is hard for the game to have a dark fate. Trailers and gameplays have already made websites like IGN say, “It’s looking mighty promising.” Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to stir the gaming world once again; indeed it already has with the trailer “the Rise”.

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