Sega Launches Olympic 2012; Gets a Mixed Review

Just as the world waits impatiently for the start of London 2012 Olympics, Sega hits the shelves with the official London 2012 Olympics video game. The reviews have not been as good as expected but has athletics ever transferred well into the gaming console?

London 2012 has been released on the three biggest gaming platforms; PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. It has over 40 sports that players can choose from and the options vary from cycling to kayaking. however, it still fails to incorporate all the events that are part of the Olympics games. The venues have been selected specifically to replicate the real Olympics. The graphics are quite an improvement, and the athletes’ faces are life-like.

Sega also attempts to offer kinetic movement option with the game; however it is not always accurate which is annoying if that’s what’s keeping you from scoring well! The game will be compatible with PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect, which will bring the game closer to reality. Out of the all the events, table tennis is the most interesting and engaging. However, as is the case with most sports games, Olympic games do not go well with the solo player. Surprisingly, no training mode is offered so you’ll have to learn during the competition to build your Olympic career. The company also announced that the game will be available online with players from around the world competing with each other for glory.

VideoGamer reported that the game might not feel like a party game but once more players are added into the mix it becomes way more enjoyable. They also reported that the designs of the track and field events “Oscillate from compelling, to laughably easy and to irksomely frustrating”. The Independent reported that as you run the power bar evaporates so you have to press faster to win the gold medal. To make the perfect long or high jump you will have to run at the right speed by pressing a combination of buttons. The Independent criticized by stating that the “Cycling events fail to capture the excitement of the real thing, and the ladies beach volleyball is pretty dull as well.” The overall reviews suggest that some events in the game are pretty exciting while others fail in capturing the Olympic intensity.

The Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sega Europe commented on the launch to say “With all new Olympic events and returning favorite sports brought to life with the very latest video gaming technology, everyone will be able to participate in the Olympic Games from their own homes.”
London 2012 will be more like racing games in terms of competitiveness as gamers will mostly play in multiplayer mode. Solo gameplay would lack excitement unlike shooting games. I believe it is still too soon to predict how gamers will react. Let the games begin!

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