boxPay Adds Payment Options

Have you ever seen those Visa commercials where everyone’s in line in a store; paying with Visa cards; moving along fine until some bungler decides to pay with cash? Cash?! What sort of idiot still uses such outdated and slow … oh wait, in the real world, paying with cash is normally even faster than paying with a credit card. And in the real world, both methods are so efficient that there’s really no problem.

Online however, we see a different story. If you want to buy something, you’ve got two options: Paypal or a credit card. Unlike in a physical store however, using a credit card online involves a slow process of typing in the 16 digit card number, plus your full name, plus the security code, plus maybe your zip code … it takes several minutes. It won’t stop someone that really wants to buy something, but it might certainly act as to dissuade a casual purchase. This is where … (cue stage left)… boxPay enters.

boxPay is a mobile payments platform which provides a new payment method to anyone who needs to accept payment over the web or TV. Instead of registering with your credit card, you’ll simply type in your cell number to the boxPay payment screen, and then whenever a purchase needs to be made text ‘ok’ from that number. The charge gets added to your next month’s cell bill.

Last month at E3 2012, boxPay unveiled their new In-App payment process. Using an SDK provided by boxPay, developers can now easily integrate a payment option through boxPay to smartTV or web apps. Check out the screenshots below of what users will see:

The user interface is clean and simple, and most importantly quick. And yes entering a 10 digit phone number isn’t really all that less intensive than entering a 16 digit credit card number. However, given that boxPay users no longer need to enter a name and security code as well, the process will be faster.

Of course, one potential problem is security. One might ask, What happens if someone steals my phone and starts making fake purchases? boxPay has you covered though. If a phone is reported lost or stolen, no boxPAY transactions from that phone will go through and the number will be flagged in their system. There’s no more risk to using it than to using a credit card, or even carrying cash.

Overall, I can see boxPAY becoming the new standard for mobile purchases, so go check it out.

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Andy Mercer
Andy Mercer is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student at Purdue University. Currently employed by ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue), he is interested in web design and programming. In his spare time he enjoys killing zombies and playing his 360.