Facebook and Gender: How do you line up? [Infographic]

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Sure, the feminist movement (three waves of it!) may have shaken up gender norms, engendered a critical analysis of domestic duties, and made bosses think twice about calling their secretaries “sweetie,” but as the dust settles on the bra-burning days, does looking at the Facebook “likes” of men and women in the USA reveal that self-ascribed gender stereotypes are in no danger of disappearing anytime soon?

To be fair, it’s no stretch of the imagination to picture a man sitting on his couch, surrounded by a few laptops while gaming (81%), dreaming of that bank-breaking Ferrari (73%), while simultaneously watching Star Trek (74%), and listening to Iron Maiden (74%). He’s probably also in need of a shower, but Facebook can’t verify that.

Similarly, it isn’t hard to envision a woman spending the morning gardening (85%), thinking about when her boyfriend will pop the question (75%), and, because he’s still gaming, resigning herself to a night of wine (71%) with her cat (83%) and Edward from Twilight (88%).  Of course people’s Facebook “likes” don’t necessarily get to the core of their beliefs on the relative roles of men and women, but it does lead us to ask the question, would Gloria Steinem “like” Star Trek or Grey’s Anatomy?

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  • Anthony

    This kind of stuff isn’t really news. Of course guys prefer certain things, and girls prefer certain other things.