uCoz – Free Web Hosting and Content Management System with Excellent Features

uCoz is a free web hosting and content management which allows even beginners to create complex websites quickly and easily. You need not require any special knowledge for creating a site and it can be done instantly. Also, it has a rich feature set and is Web 2.0 rich. There are more than one million websites which have been created using uCoz and hosted through free hosting services provided through them.

Free web hosting with unlimited disk space:

One of the biggest advantages of becoming an uCoz member is that you get unlimited hosting space free of cost. You can explore building a website and use all features without having to pay a single penny. Size uCoz is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform; it completely took care of hosting and ensures smooth user experience. When you initially sign up, you will not have unlimited space but similar to Gmail there is a counter that begin with 200 MB and keeps increasing over time. The more traffic your website hosted in uCoZ gets, the more space you will get for free. There is also a section which allows to upload videos and MP3 and to embed YouTube videos to websites.

Effective CMS for Easier Website Design:

Being an effective content management system like WordPress and Joomla, it is very simple to create good looking template design and there are lot of default templates available created by qualified web designers. You can select a suitable template from the Control Panel and if required you change the styles of header and color by altering the code slightly in default Template. There is a Template builder which requires some expertise in design, but you can learn it easily.

FTP for Easy Upload:

Another important feature of uCoz is free FTP access which helps you upload huge amount of images, videos and web content easily to your website. This helps you to build your website quickly as you can upload data without any difficulties and no other web hosting services allows such FTP access for free accounts.

Free Domain Hosting:

When you sign up with uCoz, it permits you to use your own domain to host your website or you can choose a subdomain of uCoz. This is also another good option which other free hosting services do not provide. Hence, you can either purchase a new .com domain and use the same in uCoz or get free domains like dot org or dot net and use that host your website.

User Interface and Control Panel Features:

One of the most powerful features provided by this free hosting service is uCoz modules which can be activated or removed whenever needed. These modules can be customized based on user requirements. There is a Control Panel with all options like editing web page, uploading photos and files, managing e-mails, transferring domain name, tag board, monitor website statistics, creating new etc. The user interface of control panel is excellent and easy to understand.

uCoz Community:


There is also a forum which you can join which is like a support forum where latest updates and features to the hosting service are posted. Also, you can post your queries related to website design and you will get replies from other users. This is another cool feature from uCoz which ensures technical support from fellow users.


Affiliate Programs:


UCoz also presents the UcoZ Money affiliate program, which helps you to earn money by introducing new members to the community. For every new member you introduce, you will be paid 0.5 USD to your account. Also, whenever users introduced by you purchase extra features, you will be paid ten percent of the funds.


Better Security:

With uCoz, you can manage your website through internet and security features are god. You are not allowed to use MySQL, PHP or any CGI scripts for the purpose of security.


uCoz provides majority of features free of cost, but if you don’t want to place any ads on your website then you should upgrade to premium plans offered by uCoz. The package starts from 3.49 USD per month for normal paid accounts to 8.99 USD per month for full-premium services. The benefits include improved disk space, uploading larger files (more than 10 MB size), and free domain name for your website, good indexing by search engines, FTP access, good tech support and no advertising.

uCoz Benefits:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Free web hosting with unlimited disk space
  • Free domain hosting for your website
  • Easy to upload contents through FTP
  • Effective Content Management System with lot of free templates
  • Modules may be customized for user needs
  • Good security features
  • 99.9 percent uptime guaranteed
  • Affiliate Programs to earn money
  • Low pricing



To conclude, uCoz is an excellent web hosting service for beginners who don’t have any HTML knowledge an equally good website maker too. The CMS and other features are very good and even a novice can build a website easily through uCoz. The forum, control panel, uCoz modules are very good features which other hosting services do not provide for free. But if you want to build a professional website without any advertisements, then uCoz free hosting won’t be sufficient and you must switch to paid services.

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